Wednesday, May 28, 2003

the days in between

Remember what I said wrote earlier about people being happy about the rain until the floods hit?

Well, tropical depression Chedeng (international codename: Linfa) slammed into Luzon and triggered landslides, mudslides and flooding, causing death and destruction. It is not as horrible as Black Rain in Hong Kong, but try telling that to the parents of the kids who died when their houses fell or to the people in Diliman, Quezon City where the flood waters have reached 6 feet.

And, of course, the very storm's name is ironic. Chedeng, in colloquial Filipino, is the nickname for the cars made by Mercedes Benz - symbols of status and the good life.

So it's odd how people are. Or perhaps that's just the way they are.

During the summer, everyone (including myself) complained about the oppressive heat. We couldn't wait for the rainy season.

Now that it's here, with its attendant consequences, we bitch some more.

All we want, I guess, are the days in between.


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