Friday, May 30, 2003

fine art

Camille is a gifted painter and you can see some of her latest watercolors over at her blog. She has an eye for lanscapes, able to tease out emotion using a subdued palette - quite inviting, definitely relaxing.

My current favorite work of hers though is Bench, there on the left.

I like the use of green and central image of the bench itself, empty yet somehow vibrant, sad yet somehow hopeful. The lines of the floor, diagonal and textured, evoke a kind of calm contentment. The huge sprig in the foreground cuts through the scene and gives it a perfect sense of imbalance.

When I was very young my favorite color was green, due to the influence of Aunt Lily who adored that color. Everything she wore or used was a shade of green, and I mean everything, down to the color of her pen's ink.

Now, of course, it's black, black and sometimes black.


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