Thursday, May 29, 2003

that magic moment: update

Almost done, just waiting for the pages from the last creator. This little not-quite-a-comic comic book should be out in a few days time, maybe early next week.

Everyone has written and illustrated something to do with "that magic moment", however one chooses to define it. The result is an interesting melange of sensibilities from Elbert Or, Carlo Vergara, Marco Dimaano, Vin Simbulan and myself (and hopefully, Jason Banico).

Just a little surprise for you folks out there. A little non-statement, purely for the joy of creating something, and maybe, just maybe, pushing the comic book format a little further.


My new tools, as a wannabe illustrator, are a Sharpie fine point marker and a Sanford Uniball pen. Plus a lot of paper (one day, I'll consider pencils to save on paper).


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