Wednesday, June 18, 2003

the best film i never saw

Despite the fact that sight unseen I was willing to give Ang Lee's The Hulk a perfect 10 rating (as part of my recognition of the marginalization of good taste by pedestrian sensiblities), fate conspired against Nikki and I and we walked out of the theatre, instead opting to go traipsing in the rain in our "fuck me" boots, sharing an umbrella, cigarettes and old ditties and being rewarded with hugs and kisses by our wide-awake little girl.

So, as promised, here's my review:

The Hulk (2003)
Final Rating: 10/10

PS - In a strange twist of fate, Ebert and partner gave it two thumbs up.

best film i should have seen last year

Far From Heaven was robbed at the awards shows. Everything about this production - from the writing, editing, and art direction to Moore and Quaid's acting - contributed to an excellent film.

It challenged, disturbed, entertained and provoked - and all without resorting to heavy-handed theatrics.

Watch this.

Far From Heaven (2001)
Final Rating: 9/10


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