Tuesday, June 17, 2003

crash. crash
crumble, crumble

Blogger just ate several days worth of posts before I had the clarity of mind to save it on my notepad or something. Gah. And I'm not in the mood to retype.


I stepped out of the condo into the rain and flumped my white umbrella open. Suddenly, a powerful wind tried to tear the umbrella from my hands. I fought it and ended up with an inverted umbrella and wet clothes.

This was like the time when, despite the Black Rain warnings, I decided to take a walk around Causeway Bay in HK, and ended up literally slammed against a storefront.

Wind is powerful, invisible and surprising. A poet once compared it to fate and cautioned people against fighting it.

Me, well, I'll go out for a walk if I want to - with the full awareness that I most likely will get drenched. But maybe not.


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