Monday, June 23, 2003


I'm still working on the long graphic novel and I've already broken so many of my own work/writing rules.

By the time I reached around 40% completion, I had revised the thing around 3 times (normally, I'd write an entire draft first). My main difficulty is the tightness of the plot and my need to inject "Dean-ness" (my sensibilities) into the work. I also have a problem with the protagonist who reminds me of what irked me about the lead character in Polanski's The Pianist - little is done, much is given. So I'm working in a little tension here, a new supporting character there, and words of wisdom everywhere in this little picturesque tour of the realms. It is imporrant to stay as much as possible within the given plot since this is a collaboration - but the beautiful things about putting something under a creative kiln is watching things evolve.

I'm enjoying myself, forcing myself to think travelogue-wise, while needing to have a narrative. It's a good challenge.


All papers are in and we're ready to fly. We have projects lined up (fingers crossed and all that) and a lot of faith and courage.

We'll see how far the wind takes us - this time we have wings (sorry, still in graphic novel mode).

more on europa

Set during the 1400's, your goal is to create a family dynasty that will last the test of time. Beginning with next to nothing, you need to begin a business or a trade (or be a rogue, priest or whatever), look for a spouse, beget children, educate them, survive the plague, run for over 40 possible offices and do many many many other things.

It's such a blast because you can play in whatever style you want.

I've decided to build a family of innkeepers and hope to convert knowledge picked up in my pubs for political gain.

Nikki loves it as much as I do (except when she's kidnapped and held for ransom).


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