Monday, June 23, 2003

stuff to read

After an unexpected shopping escapade at Rockwell, plus the usual and unsual reading purchases, here's the list of new stuff to devour until new comic book day:

*Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix - of course we got it - we loved the series waaaay before the hype and my wife is secretly a Potterhead, like my best pal Vin.

*Essential X-Men Vols. 3 & 4 - covering huge chunks of Chris Claremont's juicy years. These contain some of the most wonderful stories of the period, including the first X-Men comic for Nikki (#168 - "Professor Xavier is a Jerk!") and those lovely Paul Smith issues (ah, the Morlock tunnels with the classic Storm versus Callisto knife duel).

*Night Music - lost Mozart sheet music and lots of intrigue

*Y The Last Man - hyped start-up scenario: one man left in an entire world of women (plus his monkey, natch)

*Moore's Swamp Thing Vols. 2 & 3 - at last completing the volumes I lost during one of the house moving escapades. These contain "Pogo", easily one of the best stand-alones Alan Moore ever wrote and the American Gothic story arc which gave John Constantine much of his enigmatic persona.

*Ultimate SpiderMan Vol.6 - I like these trades because the arcs are complete plus I enjoy Brian Bendis' spot-on dialogue. (No indie crap for me this time, it's mainstream all the way.) Besides, his reinvention of Venom was well-imagined.

The book that tempted me most is Umberto Eco's Baudolino, a heavy hardbound with an equally heavy mindfuck potential. But how can I resist something set in 1204 involving Barbarossa and a quest for the Kingdom of Prester John?


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