Sunday, August 31, 2003

cross dressing

But not in that way.

As Nikki, Sage and I were walking around the mall en route to the grocery, we bumped into Dylan, one of my dearest friends from way back.

After the hugs and greetings (for his birthday, for my award) we did a double take at what the other was wearing.

Traditionally, this is the breakdown:

Dean - black shirt (short sleeves, polo or tee), black pants or jeans plus occassional black jacket or blazer

Dylan - funky shirt, jeans or longish shorts

This time, it was:

Dean - funky shirt, longlish shorts, boots (hell, I didn't expect to bump into anyone I knew - I'd rather die than show off my chicken legs)

Dylan - black polo, black jeans, boots

It was kind of surreal.

So we laughed, attributed it to age or denial and promised to do lunch sometime.


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