Saturday, August 02, 2003

when the implants don't matter

I busted a gut watching boobsy Maui Taylor square off against Andrea del Rosario on a noontime quiz show. Some highlights:

Q: What is the true middle initial of Michael J. Fox? - A

Maui: Johnson!

Q: What is the nationality of mystery writer Agatha Christie? - English

Maui: Filipino!

Q: Who is the Great White Whale? - Moby Dick

Maui: Orca!

Q: Who is the main character in "The Wizard of Oz"? - Dorothy

Andrea: Larry! Ay, no! Harry!

Q: How many spikes does the crown of the Statue of Liberty have?- 7

Maui: 10? 9? 6? 11?

Q: What year did man last walk on the moon? - 1972

Andrea: 1993? 1996?

Q: What geopolitical term did Jawaharlal Nehru coin? - Third World Country

Andrea: ...

Well, it did brighten up my post-lunch TV viewing. By the way, Lupe star Andrea won.

shopping with sage

My little whirling dervish was very wellbehaved at the supermarket. Sage strolled down the aisles, picking up groceries for our consideration, showing a propensity towards cup noodles, detergent and the ready-to-drink coffee variants I like.

At the fresh produce section, she systematically picked up fruit and sniffed them to see how different fruits smelled like - lemons, apples, oranges, kiwi, peaches and mangoes, before deciding that while the pineapples smelled good (and looked freaky), she was, at heart, a mango and ponkan orange girl.

She's also a big fan of Winnie the Pooh, able to recognize the character on various products that she wants us to get. Oh boy, soon she will be asking me directly for stuff.

We grocer at the Galleria for whom my company does some design work. Ever since her mother pointed out to Sage that her father and his friend did the designs for the East Wing, she makes it a point to go and touch the reachable materials (wonderfully designed by Bok).

Makes my heart heavy with pride.


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