Sunday, September 07, 2003

fighting destiny

I'm two hairs away from ripping the cable out of the wall. The absurd length of time it takes to surf (if there is a connection at all) is more than irksome.

And here I am in an internet cafe - paying extra.


project: one hundred

Mike and I were delighted that both El and Andrew signed on the project, after Arnold and Cynthia's confirmation, and Hai's agreement earlier at the Palanca Awards.

With just one more creator to hear from, we are this close to completing the roster we want.

And let me tell you, it's going to be something different.

"small fry" and buddha

Over coffee, we met with the youngest author invitees to discuss the new project.

I gave El one of the hardest assignments because, well, I think only he can do it (the research, the writing, the art and the imbued "sensibility" required by the thing). That, and he has no choice. Bwahahaha.

Andrew, whose "Oh, here I go watch me jump into the river of unremitting slipstream interstitial postmodern mind remixes" thing I enjoyed, gets to do the important tail end of the project. And again, he has no choice. Bhawawawa.

Seriously though, I had these two in mind from the start (with El as my "Heh-heh, I can throw anything at him" guy).

So cross all fingers and toes.

surprised by wolves

Charles did it again.

Waiting for me at Comicquest was a hardcover copy of Neil Gaiman's "The Wolves in the Walls".

If he does this again, I will shave his head.

(But, of course, thanks, Charles.)

I read it to Sage and she laughed at Dave McKean's scary wolves.


Okay, now I have to print out 2 copies of each of my 5 plays as well as give digital copies to UP Press as part of the submission requirements.

If things are approved, then I wait until the 30 or so books lined up in front of me are published or rejected, then hope for the best.

So will I have an externally-published book by next year? Unlikely. If ever, probably the year after. Still, considering I didn't even think of collecting these things, it's a good deal.

after 1994, you vanished off the face of the earth

Yes, yes I did, didn't I?


Some choices you cannot unmake and besides, I do not believe in regret.

The important thing is, I'm "back", in whatever nebulous context "back" works in.


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