Wednesday, September 03, 2003

little princess

Last week, Sage rode her first kalesa (a native horse-drawn carriage, better known as qalesa to the inhabitants of Hinirang).

We thought that the horse or the height of the conveyance would frighten the little girl, but no. She shooed away our helping and protective hands and was utterly delighted by the novelty of it all.

It was a bit embarassing because it was not her party (it was for Lucas, the little boy of my partner, Marc) but Sage is saddled with a hyper-agressive yaya and a mercenary daddy - both of whom will do anything to make sure she gets things before any other child.

So of course, she was first on the kalesa.

And the incredibly large inflatable balloon swim/jump contraption.

And she had the first hat.

In fact, she was the first kid there - which is completely my fault because of my inflexible desire to be early to any engagement, even a relaxed kiddie party (I know, I know).

So I'm thinking, when do I stop doing this? This "my daughter must be fed first" thing?

When will she start resenting what I'm doing?

When do I stop being the wonderful father and then shift into an embarassment of too much love?

In time, in time.

Now, how much do ponies cost again?


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