Wednesday, September 03, 2003


hmm... bagels

My desire for an absurdly large breakfast was partially sated when I went out-of-town and had brunch at New York Bagels.

Poppy seed and sesame seed bagels with eggs, bacon, lox, cream cheese... the choices were all tempting.

Yes, even the amoeba rejoiced.

seeing joseph

It felt poignant to see my former staff member, Joseph, now using his real name, Marc, working for one of the PR firms we interact with.

I'm glad he has work, and it's great work (he got to talk to Reichen & Chip, Kelly & John and the other couple from the Amazing Race 4), but the truth is, I miss him.

I told him that if (and when) my business grows stronger, he's welcome to rejoin us.

(Digression: speaking of "rejoin", it turns out that the term "rebond", now the current buzzword in the hair styling industry, is just jargon for "we will straighten your curly hair.)


Caught the early evening of Pirates of the Caribbean with Nikki.

I wish I could say that we completely enjoyed it – it was not bad; however, it would have been better if a heavier editing hand was applied. Johnny Depp's over-the-top acting was a hoot but the shocker for me was Orlando Bloom, who turns out to be a capable and attractive actor, as long as he is not in Elven (hmm… I think Tolkien would prefer “elfin”) tresses.

Truth time: I didn't even know it was him. It was only at the end of the movie when I asked Nikki "So which guy was Legolas?" So much for my powers of observation.

on the writing front

While I'm still stoked, I've returned to the nascent plays I'm developing: "The Butterfly Emporium" and an adaptation of one of my fiction pieces (similar to what I did with my story "The Loneliest Animal in the World" which eventually became the play "Island").

everybody raise a glass

A great big shout out to Arnold for another year of wonder.

Happy birthday!


Cool and freshing versus traffic and flooding.


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