Sunday, September 14, 2003

a reading circle

Two things made my weekend.

First was Carl's incredible lecture for the Comic Collective on Panel and Page Composition. Nikki and I had our heads blown away by the epiphanies triggered by Carl's thoughts - effects that will not be fugacious in the least, believe me.

Second was the gang reading The Onan Circle into the wee hours of the morning. I truly appreciated the reactions to the play and had great fun watching people get into it, in all the right places. Buddha's"Here I come to save the day with porn" scene was especially fun.

Thanks to everyone.

when i read my plays aloud

First, when I write a long bit and want to see if the rhythm, cadence or sound is true. The quality of being verisimilar matters a lot.

Second, after I finish a draft. Normally, this triggers more editing, writing or polishing.

Third, I cajole Nikki into reading with me when I have what I consider to be a "finished" manuscript. We split all the characters between us. Usually at this stage, any changes fall into the realms of spelling, grammar or attribution.

Fourth, when I manage to coerce friends to read with me. This is important because I get to hear the dialogue in voices other than my own or Nikki's.

Of course, watching it staged does not entail me reading. Instead, I become just another member of the audience. At that point, it is all out of my hands.

feeling good


Because Lan Medina (the first Filipino to win an Eisner Award) and Neil Yu (Superman: Birthright, High Roads, Wolverine, X-Men) will be involved in Project: One Hundred.

Just need to confirm one or two other creators this week with Happy Land co-editor Vin and we're set.

Additionally, the quality of the pitch material by the invitees is pretty good.

So all this makes me a happy editor.

Up next, scripts.


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