Friday, September 12, 2003

sin by the kilo

Carl, Nikki and I had a long lunch at Dampa - if you remember, it's that place where you order fresh seafood or whatnot by the kilo and have it cooked any which way you want.

So after gorging ourselves on prawns, crabs, mussles, fish and other goodies, we were all quite happy and sated and sleepy.

As I grow older, the urge to take a siesta becomes more interesting.

bitch slap

I guess it had to happen sometime.

Sage had her first "incident" at the playroom.

She was sitting at one end of her favorite alligator seesaw. Nicole, a 3 year-old girl, came over, seemingly wanting to play either with Sage or with the bright orange seesaw.

Sage ignored her, but it seemed that Nicole was insistent .

So Sage slapped her.

And Nicole slapped her back.

And Sage slapped her again.

And Nicole slapped her back.

And this went on with the yayas of both girls in shock until Nicole cried and ran away, defeated by my 19 month-old.

And of course Sage was wrong to start a fight.

Of course she was.

But when Nikki and I were telling her that it's wrong to start fights, we both had to suppress inappropriate grins of pride at our little fighter of a daughter.

The lesson, I guess is: Don't mess with someone who is sitting quietly on a bright orange alligator seesaw.


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