Sunday, November 23, 2003

the power of no

The parenting books were right. Sage has decided that her favorite word is “No”. It’s “No” to a tickle, a bath, dinner or whatever instruction you can think of.

Actually, even when she means “Yes”, she now is fully able to say “No”.

So it’s funny when she’s asking for something and I ask her back “Do you want this?” and she answers “No” – only to realize that contrary to what she said, she did want it.

She’s realized the power of “No”, because in fact she hears us say the word every so often. “No, be careful with glass.” “Sage, no, you must eat your dinner before you play again.” “No, Sage, it’s your bedtime.”

The thing is, we have to say “No”, otherwise she won’t learn that some things are just not meant for her to touch (like sockets) or that some modes of behavior are unacceptable (like crying just to get her way).

On the other hand, she also says “Yes” occasionally (albeit sounding like “Yesh” – she has difficulty with the letter “S”, so her name, according to her, is “Shage”).

And also “Please” (“Pleashe”).


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