Tuesday, December 16, 2003

forlorn vignette: missive fragment

Perhaps it is better this way, that everything ends as it does. The world has become to cruel to survive. Every man’s heart knows nothing but darkness. Even mine.

When I think about the things I could have done, the things we could have done together, I know nothing but sadness. Regret truly comes only when all is said and done, doesn’t it?

Even now as I write you, I can see the enemy lines on the horizon, like a jagged black line that grows thicker with each passing night. We will fight them, of course, when they get here, perhaps tomorrow or the day after, even if there is no hope for victory. Their forces are massive, the men that remain with me, few. But there really is no other choice. Far better to perish than be consumed.

After this bastion falls, they will come for you and the children. When they do, face them without fear or hesitation. Remember that though they separate us now, our family will be reunited in the Hereafter.

My deepest adoration to you and embraces to Elayn, Giraud and Damien. You have made me proud to be both wife and mother.

You are all always in my heart.



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