Wednesday, December 24, 2003

ocho ocho

No one is safe from this popular song.

It's so pervasive, even Sage has gotten into the action.

The other night, at Nikki and my new favorite hangout, Komedy Bar, the hosts got a foreigner to get up on stage to do... you guessed it, the Ocho Ocho.

I swear, watching that big fat man do the motions got us rolling on the floor in stitches.

And Sage is infinitely cuter.

Oh, kwento:

Sage and I were reading her Pooh book and singing "Happy Birthday" (the song is triggered by an illustration of Eeyore's birthday party).

In the course of excitedly turning a page, she hits me in the eye.

"Sorry, Daddy", she says.

"It's okay, I'm okay."

She looks at me and without warning smacks me in the eye with her hand.

"Sorry, Daddy." Big-eyed sincerity and all.

I give her a dazed smile and we resume the song, ending the sudden exercise in apology and forgiveness.



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