Friday, December 26, 2003

year in review: family man

We moved from the condo in Greenhills to our new one in the Ortigas complex, basically so that that our daughter could have more space to run around in. After a little adjustments, we were soon happy with our new home.

Sage turned one and from there her growth snowballed, resulting in this fantastically clever little girl who knows how to pull my strings. So many highlights, so many pictures. I used to think that love was of the pie-chart model: finite percentages allocated among things I held dear. But this child shattered that illusion because my love overflows.

Nikki and I also celebrated our 8th year of marriage (with the bonus of not having another child - because that is something we prefer to plan for, though if one comes unexpectedly, then we abandon all previous convictions and embrace the new member of the family with open hearts). Eight years. It's hard for me to digest because a part of me is still a shocked young man.

There is no other person I'd rather share my life with than my beloved.

No one in the world. She is my partner, my lover, my confidant, my girlfriend, my ka-barkada, my kakampi, my confessor, my reason for being, my intellectual superior - everything.


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