Saturday, January 24, 2004


if I asked you to kiss me
here, here and there
would you think
once about salt
twice about skin
thrice about consequences?

and when your tongue
touches my skin, would you
recoil at my heat
squint your eyes shut
or just take the moment as is?

because, I must tell you,
there are places and dangerous places
zones and comfort zones
boundaries and established boundaries

please be warned:
you encroach at your own peril
(even though, really, you're invited -
how could I not do so?
what would you say?
what would you think?)

and if you turn the questions back
you won’t find answers in my eyes;
they're turned inward looking
for the sense in the sensations
for the reasons I put us at risk
in the manufactured passion
of this instant

but you should know this:
i'm growing accustomed
to the tang of sweat

i can live with your flavor


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