Saturday, January 17, 2004


Sometimes, clients expect you to be able to read their minds.

It is a skill that can be learned and cultivated without needing to be a mutant in the first place.

It requires a thorough knowledge of the brand, the personality of the client and an honest expression of finesse. Another requirement is being in tune with the client's plan for the year and a definite commitment to aiding the brand - in other words, a massive sense of ownership.

Even in the event that you are mistaken, your thoughts will most likely only be within a few degrees of error.

After all, when you care about your work, you must have been already thinking about how to help the brand in the best way you know, with the limits set only by the parameters of your creativity, and grounded only by the budget allocation.

The payoff is when your work is effective. When it makes a measurable difference.

kill bill part 1

Finally, a film so in touch with my current sensibilities - despite the fact that the lead actress is much-loathed by me.


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