Thursday, January 22, 2004


Like a sudden rain in the midst of drought, a little something (actually, a big something) arrived today and made me a very happy man.

Content does pay!

Oh yeah.


I was out of the office all day, meeting in the morning with one of my most fascinating clients (who else can discuss Einsteinian and Newtonian physics vis-a-vis the Indian epic cycle of destruction and rebirth?) to close an annual report. And she saw me on TV during the Siglo: Freedom launch - and asked me what aspects of freedom we tackled and why.

Then a barrage of phonecalls, coordinating with several other clients for projects, meetings, briefings and material follow-ups. I actually had to turn down a big account simply because we didn't have enough time and manpower to handle it.

Later in the afternoon, my partner and I worked to win another account, and there was much rejoicing around the land. It's amazing how cigarette-powered thought processes can make a difference.

And last night, the shoot I directed went swimmingly well. It always feels great to be able to capture the essence of a person for posterity. This one is for an international magazine cover. I'm playing around with the notion of taking photography seriously, but the sheer cost of all the equipment is rather intimidating.

Tomorrow morning, I have a fashion show. At least I get to go gaga over the "attitudinal" models. Go, girls!


And also tomorrow I will finally give in to the urge that has snuck up on me. I'm getting myself a laptop, after not having one for two years (I still miss my sexy Vaio though).

I've rationalized the expense by saying that I can use it to write even if I'm away from desk and home.


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