Wednesday, January 28, 2004

the things i do for verisimilitude

One of these free evenings, I'm planning to visit one or two of Manila's adult KTV places; you know, places where you are expected to do more than just sing - all in the name of research, of course (ha ha).

The choices are interesting, and I am limited only by how much I am willing to spend to have a drink and talk to the people there: Pegasus, Heartbeat, Pharaoh, Skytrek, Genie, Loveboat, Palacio Don Pedro, Air Force One. Most of them have engaging themes and conceits, and it just makes me smile to see creativity used in such effect.

One of the nice things at Pegasus is the TV system they have, so you can stay in the KTV rooms and still watch the action onstage. I missed the Ms. Pegasus 2003 over at Pegasus (how can anyone resist an Extreme Lingerie contest?), but they do have an interesting line-up of shows for the coming weeks. I will need a fortune though (or a very rich friend or three). If you plan to go yourself, it's over at at corner of Quezon Avenue and Chuatuco Street in Quezon City. Bring your credit cards (they accept almost everything).

Over at Heartbeat, they call their Guest Relations Officers (GROs) "Sweethearts" and attempt to entice you with their geographically-based rooms (Vienna, Paris, Tokyo, etc.). It's also along Quezon Avenue in QC and you will need your credit cards (I tell you, these places are not for the faint of wallet).

I actually helped design the fonts for Pharaoh (Creekside, Makati) but haven't seen what they've done with the place since I last visited many many years ago. But believe me, an Egyptian motif goes a long way in persuading someone like me who's mythologically-inclined to relax and sing the night away. If I could afford it, that is.

Skytrek and Air Force One, you already know about. One is plays around with the space theme, the other's conceit is an airport. The good thing about Air Force One is its proximity to Dampa, where you can pig out instead.

If you are in the Cainta area, you can swing by Genie Magic KTV, and enter the a place where decadent Araby is the theme. In tune with the feel of an Middle-Eastern kingdom, you're called "Master" by the "Princesses" who lounge around there - over at Paragon Square Building, V.V. Soliven St. across the Sta. Lucia Commercial Complex, Imelda Avenue, Cainta.

Along MacArthur Hi-way in Caloocan City, near Monumento Circle, is Loveboat. A ship cruise is the conceit and Mermaids are the entertainers. It seems like such a far distance for me, so most likely this is out. But still, I'd like to see what their suites and cabins look like. And find out what constitutes a "Stag No More" party.

Palacio Don Pedro, along Don Pedro St. in Makati (near Jupiter and Makati Avenue) is a really comfy-looking place, positioned as a hotel with free massage. Massage-whore that I am, it's in the cards I eventually make my way there.

So what's the point of exposing myself to these places apart from my prurient self-interest?

Why, the play, of course. The play's the thing.

I will hold a few conversations and only look at the menu. I promise not to lick it.


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