Monday, January 26, 2004

thoughtlife: we speak english real gud

Over dinner, we kept the television on the news.

A reporter covering the massive lines at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport canvassed some travellers about their opinions on the fact that while every passenger was required to remove their shoes and pass through the x-ray thresholds, the airport possessed only two of the devices - resulting in over 90% of the flights being delayed or cancelled.

Filipino woman: "It's okay, it's for our safetyness."

Apparently, there is safety beyond safety.

Later on the same show, General Biazon (who is running for a senate seat), gave his take on the prospect of the military becoming involved in politics, coup d'etat-style:

Gen. Biazon: "The military will not partake of such adventurious behavior."

Why? Why add an extra "i"?

These people, no doubt, are more comfortable in Filipino, so why don't they just express themselves in that language? They stand a better chance of expressing themselves in a clear and concise manner to the general public on a Filipino-language news broadcast. Do they feel compelled to speak English because they're on television?

In the matter of expressing ideas, Filipino is more than adequate. It is a sturdy language that is in a continuous state of growth, acquiring words from other language when needed. It is also a lovely language for literature.

Kung kaya ko lang nga, magsusulat ako sa Tagalog.


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