Tuesday, February 17, 2004


It's only Tuesday but I'm already feeling exhausted. Yesterday, my work day ended at 10:30pm, after my last meeting. It's not so bad, considering I got two new food and resto accounts - but still, it took extra adrenaline to stay wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and close the deals.

I looked at my calendar last night and for a moment felt paralyzed by the things I need to do: manage projects, get new business, produce shoots, manage the company, do creative work, manage clients, grow our business. I'm not really complaining but with last week's truly long workweek plus Sage's birthday and party, I feel I didn't get enough rest.

My mind is not at peak efficiency and I'm a tad more irritable than usual. I need to recover my pleasant (!) disposition way before Nikki's birthday so she can celebrate with someone who is not Oscar the Grouch.

And after this week is another week loaded with work, deadlines and the Siglo launch.

Come, March!


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