Sunday, February 22, 2004


Last night and well into this morning, at the request of Nikki, I ran a game. We rented a room and invited Vin, Dino, Carl, Buddha and Mark (along with perennial observers and voice talents Marco and Jason) and played the first three Acts (5 hours) of story that was brewing in my head.

To tell the story properly, I had the players create two sets of characters.

The first was a group of graduate students on a dig near one of the ancient dried out tributaries of the Euphrates. Horror struck the excavation camp, ultimately resulting in a spectacular earthquake - the ground ate them up, leaving their fates uncertain.

The second group was a set of Roman Catholic black ops, with divine ties to select Saints, able to do things based on Faith.

I, of course, played the Adversary, whose plan involved a cunning escape from Garden of Eden and the reversal of time.

Heady stuff, but you know I can't do something "fairly straightforward". Where else could you find a game where the conceit revolved around cerebral and impassioned discussions of free will?

Horror, action and theology - our idea of a Saturday night.


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