Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Must get some sleep for the early wake-up call for the TV show tomorrow.

Didn't help that my group is buried under a ton of writing stuff, despite the holiday today.

Didn't help that the silly writer that the TV show assigned knew spit about Siglo.

Can you feel the negative energy? It emanates from me. Yes, right now "mean-spirited" does not begin to describe me. I am totally pissed.

My big issue is with stupid people who think they're being smart, and have the arrogance to buy their own hype. In the mood I'm in right now, I would have no qualms about rounding up all the stupid arrogant people in the world and subjecting them to Marco's Vanishing Ray. All of them. Quick dissolution, painless and well-deserved.

Must do something constructive and look forward to the launch on Friday.


with every word you speak
I half-expect toads to
fly out of your slippery mouth;
fairytale half-sisters do not
have a monopoly on the conceit -
whatever possessed me
to hope for rubies?

I am suprised I can even
understand your words,
the way your wet lips
wrench syllables into gargoyles
twisting ideas into caterwauls
explosive in close proximity

and yet I listen
helplessly haplessly
struck by the odd cadence
the almost-familar slurring
(vanity tells me if I try hard enough
an epiphany will provide
cliff notes or a kodigo)

But you don't stop
unfettered by restrictions
the rest of us observe
as you spin
and whirl
beyond reason
adept with confusion
brazen in the riot
of syllababble


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