Thursday, February 26, 2004

(L to R: Bam Aquino, Jaime Bautista, Andrew Drilon, Elbert Or, Dean Alfar, Ryan Agoncillo)


Got up at 5 and was at Studio 23 by 6:30AM with Jamie, El and Andrew.

The interview was great - well, except for Ryan asking if our material was appropriate for young people given the fact that there is nudity and profanity in the book.

It stunned me because, really, I didn't think there was. I answered something.

Andrew later reminded me that his story did have Adam & Eve illustrations. And I guess the profanity was in HAI's Ilonggo dialogue.

Both of which do not count.

Still, it went swimmingly well, despite the fact that my brain was operating at 2% efficiency.

Thanks to the cast of "Breakfast" for having us.

Tomorrow, at the big launch, we'll face the press and listen to speeches on freedom by Bayani Fernando (I know, I asked the same question, but I think the rationale is that he gave freedom to traffic or something silly like that), Raul Roco Jr (not the presidentiable but his son, my classmate in high school and college) and maybe the head of the Department of Trade & Industry or someone like that.

Should be eyebrow-raising...


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