Monday, February 23, 2004

siglo: freedom grand launch

Everyone is invited to join us for the big Siglo: Freedom launch on Friday, 7-ish at the Activity Center of the Glorietta in Makati City. There will be an exhibit, an auction and other cool things. On Wednesday and Thursday, we'll have something up there - so check it out.

Bring a friend (actually, bring everyone you know) and support local comics!

Big, big thanks again to Jaime and El for spearheading this event in conjunction with our publisher, Nautilus.

breakfast redux

Well, it seems I'll be joining Jaime, Andrew and El at "Breakfast" on Thursday. The schedule changed and I can't run away from the early morning TV show forever.

I hope my brain functions - if not, then it's El's chance to be discovered and made a star.


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