Monday, March 01, 2004

siglo: freedom launch pictures

Now that CuteFTP and I are on speaking terms again, here are some shots from the launch. For more, check out the blogs of Marco, Gerry and El.

Marco, El, me, Nikki, Vin and Gerry (not in picture: Andrew, Jason, Hai, Arnold, Yang, Carl and Lan)

With Ariel Atienza (West Side) - coming up on Siglo: Passion this year

Nikki and Vin with Paul Zialcita, percussionist extraordinaire

Paul bashing away at the big drum - he also performed with a k-hon and a water dispenser

Monse did her undulating flamenco thing and won us over with her stylings

On the way back, the van broke down, stranding us temporarily along the center island of EDSA


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