Saturday, March 13, 2004

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Ellen Datlow recently posted the list of stories that will appear in the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Seventeenth Annual Collection in August. She, of course, selects the horror half of the anthology, while Kelly Link and Gavin Grant choose the fantasy half. Here's the list, as it was posted (I say that because, well, it's alphabetized and my name is first up - so don't think I put myself on top LOL):

Dean Francis Alfar. "L'Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)". Strange Horizons 1/6/03.
Paolo Bacigalupi. "The Fluted Girl". F&SF 6/03.
Dale Bailey. "Hunger: A Confession". F&SF 3/03.
Nathan Ballingrud. "You Go Where It Takes You". Sci Fiction 7/16/03.
Laird Barron. "Old Virginia". F&SF 2/03.
Terry Bisson. "Almost Home". F&SF 10-11/03.
Kevin Brockmeier. "The Brief History of the Dead". The New Yorker 9/8/03.
Scott Emerson Bull. "Mr. Sly Stops for a Cup of Joe". Gathering the Bones (Tor).
Richard Butner. "Ash City Stomp". Trampoline (Small Beer Press).
Dan Chaon. "The Bees". McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales (Vintage).
Peter Crowther. "Bedfordshire". Gathering the Bones (Tor).
Karen Joy Fowler. "King Rat". Trampoline (Small Beer Press).
Adam Corbin Fusco. "N007-JK1". Borderlands 5 (Borderlands Press).
Neil Gaiman. "A Study in Emerald". Shadows over Baker Street (Del Rey).
Theodora Goss. "Lily, with Clouds". Alchemy #1.
Glen Hirshberg. "Dancing Men". The Dark (Tor).
Brian Hodge. "With Acknowledgements to Sun Tzu". The Third Alternative #33.
Nina Kiriki Hoffman. "Flotsam". Firebirds (Firebird).
Shelley Jackson. "Husband". The Paris Review #164.
Kij Johnson. "At the Mouth of the River of Bees". Sci Fiction 10/7/03.
Stephen King. "Harvey's Dream". The New Yorker 6/30/03.
Paul LaFarge. "Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur". Politically Inspired (MacAdam/Cage).
Marc Laidlaw. "Cell Call". By Moonlight Only (PS Publishing).
Ursula K. Le Guin. "Woeful Tales from Mahigul". Changing Planes (Harcourt).
Thomas Ligotti. "Purity". Weird Tales #331.
Kelly Link. "The Hortlak". The Dark (Tor).
Sara Maitland. "Why I Became a Plumber". On Becoming a Fairy Godmother (Maia Press).
Maureen F. McHugh. "Ancestor Money". Sci Fiction 10/1/03.
Mike O'Driscoll. "The Silence of the Falling Stars". The Dark (Tor).
Philip Raines & Harvey Welles. "The Fishie". Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 6/03.
M. Rickert. "Bread and Bombs". F&SF 4/03.
Benjamin Rosenbaum. "The Valley of the Giants". Argosy #1.
George Saunders. "The Red Bow". Esquire 9/03.
Lucius Shepard. "Only Partly Here". Asimov's 3/03.
Vandana Singh. "The Wife". Polyphony 3 (Wheatland Press).
Michael Marshall Smith. "Open Doors". More Tomorrows and Other Stories (Earthling Publications).
Michael Swanwick. "King Dragon". The Dragon Quintet (Science Fiction Book Club).
Karen Traviss. "The Man Who Did Nothing". Realms of Fantasy 6/03.
Megan Whalen Turner. "The Baby in the Night Deposit Box". Firebirds (Firebird).

What kills me: being in the same anthology as the writers whose words have both inspired and entertained through the years - Ursula Le Guin, Thomas Ligotti, Stephen King, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Neil Gaiman... Such a rush.

I must write more.


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