Wednesday, April 21, 2004


It's a good thing I live near several clients.

Because in between evening meetings, I can spend an hour of bliss watching American Idol before rushing back into the thick of work.

One of the local channels is running a daily showing of all of the current season, to catch-up with the series in the US. So for people like me who are subscribed to the wrong cable provider (damn you, Destiny), this is a godsend.

I liked the auditions and enjoyed the cullings down to 32. Of course we already know who the finalists will be, but the viewing experience is still great.

Thing is, I actually feel that a lot (and I mean A LOT) of Filipinos will be fantastic in a contest like this. The combination of our propensity for singing plus the availability of videoke bars equal singers everywhere.

our new addiction

Nikki will tell you about the new expenses incurred by our latest thing.

We tell ourselves it's for Sage, but really, Nikki and I are just big kids.

an agency that works

I truly have nothing but praises for the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI). In terms of getting things done, helping people out and disseminating information, these guys are the tops.

Props especially to Ms. Babes Cruz of DTI-Cebu, who floored me with her charm and helpfulness (and Jessie at NCR).

This is why I have nothing against having to get up at a forsaken time in the morning to make sure I'm first in line with this agency. Everything is ordered, changes are rational and implemented quickly.

If only the rest of the government agencies were like these great people.


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