Sunday, April 25, 2004

learning to be

My little girl, Sage, has her own blog - so go check it out.

Like Nikki writes, I do have the memory of a goldfish, so this is a great idea. This way, when she is older, she can read about her early life - until she's ready to write her own journal.

It's also the place where I can post pictures of the lovely Sylvanian Families stuff we're getting for her (because, somehow, having pictures of these adorable toys on the same page as a play about masturbation is slightly... um... you know).

speaking of masturbation

I met with Bart Guingona of Actors Actors Inc., the folks who want to stage The Onan Circle.

Apparently, they plan to produce the play and have it do the festival/competition circuit in Adelaide and Melbourne (Edinburgh too but the schedule is absurdly tight).

We're also talking about changing the title and shifting from a literary allusion to something more worldly, like say Circle Jerks (I know, I sputtered coffee all over the resto - I was laughing so hard). I completely agree with the title change, given the realities of marketing and the need for something that is easy to recall. A title change for me is cosmetic - it does nothing to change the meat of the play.

Readings begins next week, and I have the opportunity to work closely with the director and actors to tweak the play as I see fit. The plan is to have preliminary staging by June, a run in Manila after that, then off to Australia.

flawed pacing

I honestly wanted to like the Hellboy movie, but it was just so badly paced that I wanted to cry.

I didn't hate it, but found little to make the case to view it again. I did like the general art direction and use of shadows.

And Ron Perlman gets Hellboy's character down pat.


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