Wednesday, April 28, 2004

love hurts

Gah. It's 4AM and I'm nowhere near done with the film treatment I need to finish by Thursday.

I guess my issue is my incpacity to write romance, which is kind of surprising because I am aware that much of my "serious" fiction plays fast and loose with romantic tropes (though I'm loathe to admit it). Let's face it - what is the common thing I write about? Love and desire.

So what's my problem?

I think it's because, in this case, I set out to develop a treatment doing just that. And it irks me because, honestly, I do not think much of the genre. Because, again honestly, I think it's boring. As old as the hills. Predictable. Angsty. Maudlin. Insert the word.

So, my new approach is to trick myself. I'll pretend I'm writing a drama. Or a thriller. Or a magic realist slipstream (LOL) thing. And by so doing, allow the romantic part of me to just do his thing until he takes control of my typing fingers and wrests the scenes away from the action, the adventure, the comedy.

All I have now are the seeds of a love triangle - a male singer and two female songwriters. But it will change, I'm sure.

At least I hope I'm sure. O, talent! If I need more than any other time, it is now!

Otherwise, it's technique all the way.



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