Tuesday, April 13, 2004

siglo: passion sneak peek

After a series of delays (on my part as well as from some writers), work on Passion's art has begun.

Miraculous Lan Medina is already done, and let me tell you, his pages are simply beautiful. His work will be colored by Ed Tadeo (hey Amie, can kindly you ask Ed if he wants Lan's originals or should I scan them for him?).

Lan shares art chores with Reno Maniquis (of Maskarado fame) - yes, Nikki's story requires two illustrators, a colorist and a letterer.

But Wilson Tortosa will still be involved (or else I'll have Gerry crush him to smithereens) - he'll contribute to the Gallery. His US convention schedule plus the demands of his regular comics prevented him from giving the necessary attention to Siglo: Passion. But all is well, we understand. Sniff.


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