Friday, April 16, 2004

why some pinoy copywriters should be hanged

From a promo for Hennessy Cognac - HENNESSY SWEET TOUCH. What does it take for a man to be capsized with the tragic of serenity to a full amount of glee? It has to be in relation to men's sensual vibe with a woman beside him or enjoying his witty moment with all of his vices... Together with your favorite tipple Hennessy VSOP/XO. Because it takes more that a startling gesture for every bottle purchased. Get one now!

For Johnnie Walker promo - Picture out a return of an investment, where a sudden offer gives you the chance to take advantage of an opportunity? You'll think twice don't you?

From Heartbeat Bikini Match - Sense the gorgeousness and creativity conveyed by our dear Sweethearts when they strut their wears off starting at the 15th of April 2004 and every Thursday thereof. So blow your inhibitions away and let your spirit waft free along with the naked beauty of nature.

From Ethel Booba's show - Imagine a night filled with laughter and fun… A night overflowed with pure endearment but wicked thoughts… Where elation suppresses the time of loneliness because you are amused.

And indeed, I am amused.


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