Monday, April 19, 2004

work, work

Boy, things are really hectic with my company this week. In our line of business, sometimes weeks go by with little to do. But sometimes, like now, everyone seems to want everything yesterday. I'm just thankful that we are bearing up.

Apart from the stuff I'm managing, I'll be spending some time this week rustling up new accounts - because new business is always good. If we reach the point where things are just too tight, we'll be able to hire new people to help out, and have funds to compensate their services.

I'm deeply uncomfortable running a largish company. I prefer smaller and leaner operations. You keep overhead under control and can be somewhat selective in what you do. Do I struggle against growth then? No, it's just that I prefer rationalized growth over exuberance. You never know when the wheel will turn; if you're not prepared and have a staff of 20, then it becomes an exercise in pain for everyone involved. Better to be conservative in this respect.


I may fly off to Singapore sometime this week or next, to oversee the animation project Nikki and I are doing, as well as pitch a movie.

I'm having a little trouble with the film pitch. I'm not thrilled with the format and suddenly the thought of a scriptment is terrifying.

But I'll have to do it, so I will.


I met up with Pierre Cruz, one of the talented people I invited to participate in Siglo: Passion.

Pierre is one of my favorite photographers and I admire his eye. We looked over his portrait pieces and selected a few for consideration for Passion's gallery.

This will make two black-and-white pieces in our full color anthology, as Pierre's photo joins the incredible pencil and inks of New York-based artist Rafael Kayanan.

Pierre will also be the lensman for the Passion pictorial, which I plan to schedule sometime in June or July. The logistics of coordinating a photoshoot for 30+ people is, again, intimidating, but I'll find a way. Sadly, some of the creators are not in Manila like Jeremy Arambulo (also in New York) and Hai Ibardolaza (Negros). We'll see what we can do.

talking with martin's ex-driver

The cabbie who drove me back from the photoshoot this afternoon revealed that he worked for singer Martin Nievera for 3 years, and regaled me with stories of Martin's way with the girls.

What is it with people and celebrities? What makes their peccadilloes so interesting? What do I care about yet another story of an unfaithful man?

Perhaps it because we like to see people do the bad bad thing and somehow survive?


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