Monday, May 24, 2004

life in words

I'm almost done shifting my archives and saving them on CDs. So far, testing has proved Jason's theory that Blogger keeps a copy of everything its users post. So, huzzah, hooray and wahoo!

While moving these webpages, I could not resist reading some random entries. Man, I've gone through so much, business-wise, in the last couple of years. It has been one hell of roller coaster, but with the highs outweighing the horrible vertiginous call of gravity to come crashing down. I've learned my lessons, some of them at a great price, and understand that I have more to learn. In fact, the entire thing is a series of educational experiences. It is not a case of "Live free or die!". It is more "Live, learn or die!"

I'm also shocked (yet again) by the growth of Sage, from this bundle of tears to this loud girl who pushes me off the bed just so she can "save" me.



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