Friday, May 21, 2004


I can't believe it myself. I feel like a Dirty Old Man (well, dirtier than I actually am). I am not usually attracted to youth, but dammit, I am just crushing on this girl whose blog Nikki showed me.

Nikki: Look at this girl, she's hot.

Me: Lemme see. (looks) Oh my god! Yes! Who is she? Where is she?

Nikki: In Manila.

Me: My God! She looks young. How old is she?

Nikki: Let's see. Oh, look, she's fourteen.

Me: ...

Nikki: Husband?

Me: Gah.

But really, to be so beautiful while you're so young... It's just incredible.

So here I am, feeling really perverse, deciding to say goodbye to someone who was just born when I was already 21 years old.

Goodbye, though we've never met, because, my god, ick, it's just wrong.

Damn you, Blogger.

But what a girl.


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