Monday, May 24, 2004


If you check on my archives and nothing comes out, let me know. I'm shifting everything away from the server that houses them and into god-knows-where.

One of the changes that the new Blogger made was the ability to create web pages for all archive entries. I agreed to this, clicked a button, and all my past entries were given their own pages, which had the effect of maxing out my quota of space, making it impossible for me to upload any new pictures or documents.

Now, my archives are important to me (this is a journal, after all, and I occasionally read to remember stuff, especially when I mine past vignettes) so the situation was just absurd.

I asked Jason what to do and he suggested this, so here we go. The great big hope is that Blogger keeps copies of everyone's entries, so any database call will be served by their own archives.

If this does not work out, I may have to start from scratch and not bother with having a Kestrel Studios domain for the purpose of housing my blog entries.

We'll see.


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