Friday, May 21, 2004

we'll see, won't we?

Sage will be starting school next year (which is closer than than ever), and we have to start thinking about which school to send her to.

Apart from the horrific expenses related to her education, we need to consider which school would best encourage our daughter's learning at her own pace, in her own way. Sage is a smart little girl and I am riddled with a thousand and one concerns that range from her fitting in to actually learning something.

And this is just preschool. What more grade school and onwards?

On the tuition-fee front, there may be a business opportunity that may obliviate the entire fee for a certain school (which happens to be both near our home and a good school).

We'll see.

my pet store

The likelihood of my entering the pet store industry is becoming brighter, just a few more personal concerns to wrestle with. Perhaps I won't go into it at all - you know the saying about mice and men - but I am very attracted to the prospect.

So again, we'll see.


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