Tuesday, July 06, 2004

anak...pahinga ka muna

Nikki and I took Sage to the check out one of the preschools at the Shangri-la Mall.

Sage was so excited and couldn't wait to get there.

ME: So, sweetheart, you wanna go to school?

SAGE: Opo. (Isn't she such a polite darling?)

When we got there, our inquiries were entertained by the Director of the school while Sage wandered around, trying everything.

This school offers something for all the ranges of ages before Big School (their term that means Elementary or Grade School). For P72k, Sage can attend the daily classes.

I felt like breaking down in tears right there and then.

I knew it would be expensive, but hearing the amount out loud was like an electric shock. I looked at the payment terms (annual, semestral, quarterly) and realized that we were ill-prepared for the cost - unless I trigger my insurance policy by losing an arm or leg in a non-elevator, non-seagoing vessel scenario (you gotta love these insurance riders) or make good with the investments and little ventures in the pipeline. Or work out an x-deal.

I wish I was rich. I feel so guilty about this thing and now truly understand the sacrifices parents make just to ensure their kids get an education.

Nikki and I talked it over and decided, given the state of our finances, to delay Sage's school by at least one semester or even a year. I mean, come on, she's only two years and five months old.

But it just breaks my heart to see her so excited.


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