Saturday, July 10, 2004


unreal estate

I had a great morning finalizing details for a project with a real estate developer. All their developments are unreal to me - in the sense that I can't possibly afford anything that costs something in the double digits in the millions.

But it is nice to pretend. ;)

As part of the package, I got a couple of free weekends at the club (which I need to coordinate a vehicle to get to). I plan to take Nikki and Sage and just relax a bit. But not soon, given the workload that is starting to grow again.

It is rare that I go to a nice place and not have to pay for it. Hmmm. Must get more projects like this.

I walked away with a couple of more things to do (and sadly, because I had to decline lunch at Provencal because of another meeting).


Got the pet store.

Now to work.

Lots to do.


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