Tuesday, July 13, 2004

three fractions of a second

During a lull in a meeting with the salon client at the salon, my eyes began to wander until I caught the reflection of a lovely lady getting her hair cut.

00:01:01 - She's hot!

00:01:02 - But wait-!

00:01:03 - That's -!

"That's my wife," I cried, surprising my client and creating a general stir with my unintentionally loud voice (well, louder than usual).

Nikki smiled and calmly waved my way as I struggled with holding my laughter in, because on my way to the meeting, this conversation occured between my cabbie and I:

Cabbie: Sir, may chicks ka sa pupuntanhan mo, ano? (Sir, you have a girl where you're headed, right?)

Me: What?

Cabbie: Kung kasal ka na, matakot ka sa asawa mo. Kung hindi pa, matakot ka sa itaas. (If you're married, be afraid of your wife. If you're not, be afraid of the Big Guy.)

Me: What?

Cabbie: Halata kasi, sir. Kita sa mukha mong may chicks ka. (It's obvious, sir. Your face betrays the fact that you have a girl on the side.)

Me: Ah...okay.

I'm just glad that if he had to right, it was my wife I was meeting - even if it took me three fractions of a second to get it.


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