Friday, August 06, 2004


I fell asleep at around 9pm last night which is very odd because I usually stay up until 2am, reading, puttering around, sorting books and comics, eating an evil midnight snack, playing games with my wife or writing. But I felt so exhausted from my last client meeting of the evening.

So when I woke up at 4am, I couldn't get back to sleep. Normally, I'd use the opportunity to write - the world as quiet as the day before its birth, the rain falling silenty outside my 6-foot-tall windows, the mind refreshed and raring to take on words. But I couldn't. I still felt tired and unable to do a thing, possessed by an unmistakable hebetude.

When true morning came, I got ready for a breakfast fashion show at the Manila Peninsula and dispiritedly worked my way through salmon bagels. My mind was nowhere near the usual level.

By lunchtime, I helped my staff move all our stuff to the new office and oddly, it was after nearly breaking my back attempting to move heavy pieces of furniture myself that I got invigorated.

My mind simply had to find a better way to handle the demanding physical tasks, juggle logistics and help determine placement of things. I'm more than happy to have staff members who are motivated, bright and shining with goodwill. If they weren't there, I don't know how my partner and I could have handled the move.

By late afternoon, my mind was fine but my body exhausted - oh, but what a lovely office we now have. We worked alongside the carpenters, electricians, painters and sticker people (for the glass portions), phone guys and feng shui consultants (we need to put a plant or a fountain in the center of the office, and I need to face the east, along with the petty cash) - all doing last minute things on a Friday.

I'm happy we beat the beginning of the Ghost Month and will be up and running next week. There are still a lot of things to do, but the most important things are done.

I actually look forward to cleaning up tomorrow so that when we begin work on Monday, everything is spic and span.

But tonight, I just want to sleep.


And thank you to everyone who called, texted, emailed, commented and tagged me about the previous entry. It is wonderful to be surrounded by so many good people who share in the blessings from above.

Thank you again!


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