Thursday, September 23, 2004

bits and pieces


My sis in NY, Jo, is this week's Blog Addict over at the online Inquirer.

Thanks to the Master of the Bable Machine!

update or no update

Meanwhile, I'm stressing over whether or not to bring my laptop along when we fly off to US on Oct 4. Normally I would - because I'd get to write and update and stuff. However, I am also the family pack mule, and have to carry everything that's handcarried, and Sage's stuff requires extra arms.

So most likely no blog updates from me, unless I find a cafe in Florida or have someone guest blog for 3 weeks - applicants may submit proposals ;)

in the news

The latest escort girl sex scandal - a certain senator and congressmen plus many other government and police officials are in hot water after several escort girls reveal nasty details about their extra-curricular activities. Note to persons looking into joining the sex trade: 'chica' (which is companionship without sex) ranges from P5k to P10k, while 'walk' (sex) is around P15k per session. This, of course, is much cheaper than celebrity rates, but more expensive than 'casa' (house) rates.


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