Monday, September 13, 2004

diana or aubrey

If I play my cards right, I may be able to convince one of my clients to go the oxymoronic clean-prurient route and take either Diana Zubiri or Aubrey Miles as their image model.

If so, my distant burning ambition of directing a photo shoot with my #1 and #2 crushes may become a sordid reality. ("Yes, Diana, bite your lip like that!")

If not, then I'm stuck with one of the Starstruck guys, who is more wholesome and all that.

But really, I want my girls! Projecting success, I've already envisioned an entire campaign built around either of the sexy ladies, reeking with naughtiness and innuendo but easily defensible as, er, art.

The chances are slim (because it is taking all of my charisma to present the girls as wholesome examples of Filipina modesty), but if I manage it, yay!


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