Wednesday, September 08, 2004

ensuring luck

We had our office blessing yesterday, in the hope that the aegis of God will prevent noisome spirits from doing nasty things (I wrote about the troll in the bathroom earlier - and since we transformed it into a clean storage area, we've had no issues from it).

There is talk that (yet again) there is a ghost on our floor, the restless soul of a man who died of a heart attack years ago. Personally, I haven't so much as sensed him (and while I'm not supersensitive, I'm not supernaturally obtuse either) but, as a superstitious businessman, it pays to cover all bases: hence the priest.

We also, on the advice of the feng shui experts, got ourselves one of these trendy plants from Taiwan (or maybe Indonesia) and positioned it in the dead center of the office. Initially, we had a choice between a fountain and a plant. We chose the plant because the notion of installing a fountain was mindboggling (and expensive). And those miniature ones with recycled water tinkling over bamboo was just too precious.

We made certain to position the petty cash box to face the Southeast, and had our birthday charts drawn up to see what horrible misfortune needs to be averted.

Of course, all of these things are worthless if we didn't have a decent business to begin with.

But you never know.


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