Monday, September 06, 2004

haha sunday

Sunday became a day for comedy films, with Nikki and I urging the DVD player to finish "The Guru" at around 5AM, and then catching "Connie & Carla" later in the afternoon.

"The Guru" (2002)has become one of our favorite films. Simple, cheeky and well-lit, the film succeeds in creating entertainment that is far removed from the pedestrian without losing its bite. It's a commercial film with indie sensibilities, great acting from Jimi Mistry and Heather Graham, and a killer mix of Bollywood musical extravaganza and Grease.

While watching it, I told Nikki that I couldn't name any Indian actor known outside of India, except for Apu from the Simpsons. Later, in the film, the very same conversation occurs, also with Apu as the answer. LOL!

On the other hand, "Connie & Carla" (written and acted in by Nia Vardalos) was a disappointment. It started out strong enough, with enough downright funny vignettes about dinner theater (and like the theater enthusiasts that we are, Nikki and I sang along) but painfully degenerated into scene after scene of bad writing. The end was particularly flat and irredeemable, but at least one reason exists (good or bad, you decide) to see the film - there is a crossdressing Filipino there.

I'd rather watch Jimi and Heather dry hump to Billy Joel.


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