Thursday, September 09, 2004

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With Siglo: Freedom primed for release internationally around next month or so, every little bit of publicity helps. So I'm delighted that El sent a little something over to Comic Book Resources. Writer/Columnist Steven Grant was kind enough to add Siglo: Freedom's write-up and graphic. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that we find our market out there.


A few days after the Palanca Awards, the tricycle that winning essayist Willi Pascual was riding drove off with his award and another citation from the government of Nueva Ecija.

Of course, the physical incarnation of any award is not the award per se, but still, some things look great on the mantel or the wall of your home. It is not exactly a matter of pride or vanity, but rather a small reminder that you did well (and IS tangible proof that your happiness is not delusional). So if anyone knows anything about this, please speak up.

in cahoots

Henry, my cabby for the hour-long trek to Ermita this morning, carried a gun.

It took me a while to notice that there was a .45 sticking out of the door pocket on his side. A moment that froze me into sheer terror before the jaded Manileno in me took over.

Dean: Nice gun.

Henry: My service revolver.

Dean: Police?

Henry: PC. Crame.

Dean: Must surprise criminals.

Henry: Let them try. I'll die in my taxi if I have to.

Dean: Because?

Henry: Some robbers are in cahoots with some taxi drivers. Someone stops the cab, robs the passenger and the driver plays along. But really, they're in cahoots. They split the profit afterwards.

Dean: Ah.

Henry: So if that happens to me with a passenger, I'd rather shoot the man than risk being accused of being in cahoots.

Dean: I see.

Henry: Driving a taxi can be a life or death situation.

Dean: And you're still an active policeman?

Henry: I'm retiring in January.

Dean: Really? But you still look young.

Henry: I'm forty five. Like my gun. (laughs) But I can't stand the corruption anymore. Police have a terrible reputation and I don't want to play their games.

Dean: Makes you want to shoot them all.

Henry: Exactly. I'm Henry, PO4. You?

Dean: Ah, Jim. My name's Jim. And look! There's my stop right there.


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