Monday, September 27, 2004

price of words

Okay, by now you know that Notes from the Peanut Gallery is located at (Indulge my need to placate the spiders here - Dean Francis Alfar, Notes from the Peanut Gallery)).

What happened?

Apparently, I got too much traffic.

Believe it or not.


Hello Dean,

Your account is currently inaccessible due to exceeded traffic usage.

Your account is allowed 1GB traffic.

However, looking at your account's traffic usage:

Viewing Month September 2004
Traffic Allowance 1 GB
Traffic Used in September 2004 1.067 GB (Quota Exceeded)
Average Traffic Usage 45.524 MB / Day
Projected Usage For September 2004 1.334 GB (Quota Will Be Exceeded)

Your account has exceeded the 1GB quota.

To re-activate your hosting services you will need to upgrade your account traffic allowance.

Which I think involves money and I'm not spending a cent anymore.

So, forget it. I think I've lost all the pictures and texts I uploaded, hopefully not but I don't know. I've moved to Blogspot, Blogger's free hosting.

There'll be some changes and much of what used to accessible won't be (the plays and stories and pictures). But there's also the US trip in 7 days time and somehow I'm not in the mood to fix things.

Maybe when I get back.

Back to zero.


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